The year is 1998.  The Ely Family is sitting around the kitchen table in rural Grafton, Nebraska.  The task, figure out a great FFA Project for son, Neal Ely.  That is where the idea was born.  Of course, Asparagus!  They could grow it, and they could pickle it!  It was the family’s favorite vegetable, and on top of that, Neal’s mom, Tami Ely, had developed a stellar pickled asparagus recipe during spring canning season years earlier, that was a family favorite.


And so the idea was born.  Ely Farms began growing fresh asparagus, and Tami Ely’s recipe was developed into Ely Farms Pickled Asparagus spears with the help of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The Ely’s began selling the pickled asparagus in their hometown grocery store in Sutton, Nebraska.  Today, over 15 years later, the product can be found in locations state-wide, with a market that continues to grow. { READ MORE }



Developed from mom’s recipe in the Ely family kitchen in rural Grafton, Nebraska.  The texture is crisp and refreshing.  With a hint of garlic and dill, along with a light ‘kick’ compliments of a red hot chili pepper, the product flavor is just right!  Garnish a Bloody Mary with a spear, Take it tailgating, or Dress up a relish tray.  Excellent appetizer, hors d’oeuvre and condiment. No matter how you enjoy it, just understand that it will disappear quickly once opened! { READ MORE }





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